Urban Design for Port of Koper AREA

Client: Luka Koper d.d.
Site: Koper, SLO
Area: 780 ha
Year: 2007
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski
Collaborators: Samo Oblak, Tjaša Pečnik, Marko Stanovnik, Jure Šuštar
Consultant: Mario Marri

The solution that was awarded first prize included a special urbanistic and architectural effort intended to conceptualize the connective area of the urban city centre of Koper and the port. Integrating the wider area is enabled by a connecting route between the historical city centre of Koper and the new tourism area near Ankaran.
The green system incorporates the current green surface, planting greenery around existing and newly constructed warehouses, a contact area to the Škocjan Bay natural reserve, growing green of the car parks at the truck terminal, a green barrier at the third pier and shaping a new landscape on the Ankaran side.
The new entrance is attached to the road connecting, the Port of Koper with the highway network. An energy park is conceptualized near the new entrance with accompanying buildings, which ensures the partial self-supply of electrical energy to the port and at the same time it is the educational and training centre of the port. Buildings for accompanying activities are also foreseen at the second level entrance into the Port of Koper, which are accessible to the public via a connecting path.
An increase in the length of piers with pools at the head of the piers and cove­ring up the current location of scatte­red cargo are foreseen. Besides the terminal at the new third pier, a dividing lane is foreseen – with a green embankment, a sports park and municipal mooring berths and watershed areas with wetlands and shell dunes by the pier of St. Katarina.
Three alternatives of spatial development are proposed in the awarded solution: minimum, balanced and maximum.