Urban design for Vergerij Square II

Client: City of Koper
Site: Koper, SLO
Area: 1,3 ha
Investment: 7.200.000 EUR
Year: 2007
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski, Rok Triller

Urban design combines the design of buildings, landscapes and infrastructure in such a way they lose their own individuality and turn into something new: the urban scene. Highlights of representative areas are issues that are directly confronted with the question of urban identity. At the same time questions of defining, creating and improving attractive entrances of the city condition strengthening of individual parts of the city.
Vergerij Square is the most important square on the north side of the old town of Koper.  The new passenger terminal in the northern part of the old town of Koper offers the prospect of arranging not only a new entrance to the old town of Koper, but also a central link between Tito’s Square – which is the main square of the old town of Koper – and the northern coast of the town. In modern times, Vergerij Square has become a space equivalent to Tito’s Square, which is also reflected in the newly-designed square structure.
The newly-designed staircase is a prolongation of the building of the new loggia (closed town balcony) and the viewing platform (open urban balcony). The staircase is representative of this part of the town, and has adequate width. The staircase contributes to the integration of the main and northern parts of the town (despite the Northern Road bypass) and serves as a promenade link between the town centre and the passenger terminal.
The design of the staircase allows for multi-functionality: it can be used in a range of ways at different times during the day, week and year for various users, and can also be used as a crossing, resting place or theatre during the summer months.