Urban design proposal for eastern Centre of Ljubljana

Client: City of Ljubljana with partners
Site: Ljubljana, SLO
Area: 230 ha
Investment: EUR
Year: 2008
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski
Collaborators: Samo Oblak, Alja Shaar, Jure Šuštar, Janez Martičič

The first aim of the competition project is to give a new identity, unique and immediately recognisable, to a part of the city which is strongly shaped by its history. The strategy is that of giving a new meaning to the existing structures, inserting them in a new framework and building a new center of a polycentric, diversified city, a knot in a network. Complementarities should be the motto, proposing what don’t exist elsewhere. Measures foreseen are: A multilayered centre, where the different layers, each one rational in itself, are linked by ramps or diagonal connections to the main framework; To double the green areas, covering shops and parking with earth carpets; A city open 24/7; “To build in the built”, reusing and improving the existing structure and adding to it new functions and new social groups of residents and users, so granting from scratch the livelihood of the quarter, even in permanently muting scenarios; To increase the density, meaning with it not only the cubic meters, but the jobs, the residents and the services for visitors. A continuous flow of people is the pre-condition for the creation of additional functions and ideas and for the success of the operation; To cover roads: the longest covered road in the world – a kind of ever-changing arcade, where visitors, family with children and older people can stroll around, sure not only to find what they are searching for, but to have fun with it, being always protected by a glass roof against bad weather; To save power: insulation and climatic control, solar cells.