Master plan and green planning for Punta Marina

Client: Municipality of Ravenna
Site: Ravenna, IT
Area: 160 ha
Investment: 69.000.000 EUR
Year: 2011
Authors: Marco Venturi, Emanuele Ferrarese, Michele Ronconi, Marco Zaoli
Collaborators: Riccardo Boccia, Saveria Boulanger

Around Punta Marina Terme  a walkable crown offers access to the residential area, freeing up vast areas that are currently occupied by streets so they once again become pinewoods. This complex intervention system could be counter-balanced, also financially, with the possible creation of a new residential sector, to innovate ways of living and creating a large modern settlement, that is directly linked to the water and exchange hub. The project can be summarised as follows: more green areas, more public spaces, less cars. Rearrangement of the volume of the beach huts, with a raised path that goes into the pinewood; The creation of a regulatory element situated along the seafront, consisting in a long, raised walkway, to rearrange the volume of the beach huts so they can be used on both sides. A sea side and a pinewood side. The latter could pass under the walkway, almost reaching the water; nature would therefore reach the sea. The area Lungomare Colombo occupies is restored to the pinewood, to allow greater public fruition of the green areas.
Requalification of Viale dei Navigatori, to enhance its character as a public and collective space,resectioning it so one can reach the sea on foot, in the pleasant shade of a extensive pinewood,with the creation of a large covered square,which can be used in both summer and winter, as urban prelude to a walk to the strand.
Creation of a exchange hub that acts as a catalyst for flows, in which cars, pedestrians and even boats will be connected. Plan for a new residential sector with new living typologies, with modern houses that can be reached directly by boat.
Requalification of the former S.A.R.O.M. station  for hot house with swimming pool and recreation.