Double Square in Belluno

Client: Municipality of Belluno Site: Belluno, IT
Area: 1,7 ha
Costs: 3.740.000 euro
Year: 2011
Authors: Marco Venturi, Emanuele Ferrarese, Carlotta Mazzi
Collaborators: Angelica Verdini, Antonio
Rasulo, Giovanni Iaria

The project confirms the traditional functions established in the square, with the addition of new modes of fruition and offering new protected areas for public life. In order to do so, it doubles the square, mirroring the existing borders horizontally, left-right, and vertically, above-below. By offering the city a protected area the potential for its use is multiplied: not only the weekly market, but also a multi-
purpose area that is full of stimuli (and rewarded by the uninterrupted presence of 850 m2 of shops), with around 2,800 m2 for the covered market. The covered lower level offers various activities that guarantee circularity and an increase in flows to the square, every day throughout the year, regardless of the weather. We are proposing an extension of the gardens above the former car parks opposite the
listòn , to be arranged as slopes that descend around two metres below the current level, with a variability of both colours and textures. The interventions used for the whole square are proposed for the dehors: doubling, rotation, mirroring. If rotated and doubled, the awning could cover the entire length of the dehors, with a lateral extension of around ten metres. A mirror-panel structure on both sides,
increasing in size in arithmetic progression, which would allow a multiplication of the views.Although the actual support for the papers they have to display, the newspaper stands have been conceived as invisible objects, acting as the apparent shell. They mark the beginning and end of the winding row of shops in the covered market, under a sloping roof that is shared by the whole building.