Multipurpose arena portoval in Novo Mesto

Client: Municipaliy of Novo mesto
Site: Novo mesto, SLO
Area: 6 ha
Year: 2011
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski, Mato Blatančič, Anja Jemec, Boštjan Košir, Petra Kuštrin, Andrej Panker, Klas Skarlovnik

The area of the new sports arena in Novo Mesto is located on the site of the transi- tion between agricultural and preserved natural open space. Cultivated terraces are less intrusive in the landscape be- cause their surface is usually not entirely flat and the slopes between them are not very high. Their form is a consequence of field division of the land into wide and / or irregular particles and lumps, adapting
themselves to the natural slope.
The roof of the arena building is planned as part of this traditional terraced land- scape, in order to improve the view from the centre of the city. The arena is almost completely dug in the terrain, which pro- vides favorable climatic conditions in the building. The last terrace covers tribunes along the existing stadium. On the edges of the roof terraces lighting strips are
formed to provide daylight and ventila- tion in the arena. Green strip terraces continue on the roof of the garage, where the existing building is enlarged for park- ing buses and extended in the two-levels car garage. The organization of the exter- nal area allows both the flow of the re- quired number of people as the everyday use of the park. Trails in the forests of the hinterland have good connections to the
external arrangement of the arena. Separate units are designed to function autonomously when others program units are not in use. Therefore, adequate access is provided to reach programs in use and restricting access to other areas.