Master plan for Lusenzo

Client: Municipality of San Giovani
Site: San Giovani, Isola Uione, Ghezzi, Chioggia, IT
Area: 78 ha
Year: 2008
Authors: Marco Venturi, Sergio Fortini
Collaborators: Elisa Uccellatori, Giovanni Iaria, Felice Antonio Rasulo

On the Isola dell’Unione a single volume encompasses car parks, commercial and service functions, a green border to the south; it offers a greater surface area of water protected by a quay; it redesigns and raises the bridge connecting it to the centre of Chioggia, allowing larger vessels to pass.
The west shore of the lagoon of Lusenzo will gain an intermodal exchange hub, in a key position regarding the roads leading to the Chioggia-system, the railway station, and the trajectories for lagoon connections.
The entire south front of the lagoon will be re-outlined in the water with a system of quays and docks wwhere small kiosks, refreshment and entertainment places and urban stops for the water traffic will be situated.
The mobility system around Madonna Marina will be based on a one-way system for the way out and five circular rings that will cover the entire Ghezzi area, thus avoiding the addition of an infrastructure-barrier, and protecting the permeability of the system and urban mixitè.
The old grid of the plots, with its lots and roads directed towards the water, evoke a system of transversal strips that will connect the main axis of Madonna Marina to Lusenzo.
The mobility system consists of rings; this allows the filtration of fast and slow transport towards a gradual reduction of the street width as one draws nearer to the water, while the car parks are created by an increase in width of the street near residential buildings and services.
The strips thus become functional units that, rather than comparting the buildings from the green, actually unite the green residential area and facilities, assuming different functions while the green is articulated in different forms (lagoon park, educational park, etc.) and enriches the connection system towards social spheres with transversals.