Urban Design for Nazor Square

Client:    City of Koper
Site: Koper, SLO
Area: 0,2 ha
Year: 2007
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski, Tomislav Vagaja

Nazor Square is designed as a public space where people can express themselves freely (100 squares in one square or the square can be changed according to their wishes) in a silent, visual manner. The revamped square platform does not restrict the connection between the old town and the new arrangement of the northern part of the city outside the historic core. A thin spider’s web, which serves to create a sophisticated spatial structure around the area of today’s platform, defines the square. At the same time, Nazor Square remains an intimate space located between residential buildings, where the new temporary spatial structure protects against unnecessary views (acting as a virtual curtain); the space remains introverted, but preserves the superb views of the sea opening from the square platform. The Nazor Square programme is a counterweight to the so-called South Square; the latter is extroverted, open to the sun and a loud gathering of young people. “Skyscraper” is maintained as planned in its entirety. Its last level is accessible directly from the garage, for use by the public and the new building’s residents (students). In the summer, the building serves as a hotel for student travellers (hostel). As the Nazor Square platform’s staircase remains unfinished and continues to function as a town square, the garage exits are planned to be located within the existing facilities, with the exception of the exit leading to the upper level of the historic wall. From here, it is possible to access the Northern Ring Road and Belvedere Street.