Urban design for Vergerij Square I

Client: City of Koper
Site: Koper, SLO
Area: 1,1 ha
Year: 2007
Authors: Marco Venturi, Lučka Ažman Momirski, Rok Triller

The new urban planning and architectural design builds on a dialectic between the central square of the old town, Tito Square – where the old loggia is located – and the new Vergerij Square, where the new loggia has been designed. The intention behind this move is to enhance the identity of the new urban part of Koper. The new facility – its location, floor area, height, and covering – does not diminish the existing silhouette of Koper. Rather, the planning solution emphasises the closure of the historic city, supports the link between the town centre and the Coast, and also highlights the historic importance of Verdi Street (Verdi Street plays a prominent role in the city’s plan) and Belvedere Street in the northern part of the city (a central promenade with related urban elements such as lighting). The solution preserves the open sea view from Verdi Street, emphasising the city’s marine connection.
The preserved parts of the city walls and fortresses are fully represented. Belvedere Fortress is a monument preserved with all its visible components, including the wall which retains its original features and height. Storage Slavica, which sullied the historic city walls, has now been removed. All the functional objects and barriers that detracted from the Belvedere’s standing as a distinct, high-quality urban ambience have also been taken away.
Bastijon is linked to the internal vertical connection with the coast level through its platform. The internal staircase reflects the features of both environments, which have been brought together and connected by underground garages.